[lazarus] Few CVS changes

Michal Bukovjan m_bukovjan at advis.cz
Fri Mar 24 10:38:04 EST 2000

Just commited few CVS changes (had a few spare hours :-))

- on ShowModal, do not grab focus. It is useless. and should not be used
in LM_SHOWMODAL for these purposes - the modality is handled by a
different function. Fixes some dialog crashes.
- little coding here and there, mostly optimizing.

Is anyone working on ShowMessage? If I don't completely sucumb to flu
this weekend, I thought I'd give it a try and implemented it through GTK

Also I looked at Lazarus source, and found that there is TUnitList
class, which is not actually a list, but rather a descriptor - I would
suggest renaming to TUnit or TUnitDescriptor or TUnitDesc or whatever
else so that it is less confusing.

Michal Bukovjan

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