[lazarus] Few CVS changes

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Sat Mar 25 23:18:11 EST 2000

I had taken a stab at it via Application.ShowMessage (oer whatever) and I
was having trouble at the time with the ShowModal command.  I never got back
to the function once I fixxed SHowModal but you can look at that for an idea
on how I planned on doing it.

I set up a function that was used as the onclick right in the TApplication's
source and simply set the modalresult based on the SENDER.

Shane Miller
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> Michal Bukovjan wrote:
> > Is anyone working on ShowMessage? If I don't completely sucumb to flu
> > this weekend, I thought I'd give it a try and implemented it through GTK
> > (GtkDialog).
> >
> Why not just use a TForm, TLabel and TButtons?  They are already created
> and then it will be the same on all platforms and will require less
> conversion. Just a thought.
> Curtis
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