[lazarus] cvs updated

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Thu Mar 30 15:27:27 EST 2000

At 13:48 30-03-2000 -0600, Shane Miller wrote:

> >How will this tie in with the existing D&D already in GTK and Qt? If it
> >is implemented in the LCL won't that just work within the application
> >built with the LCL? How will it tie in with D&D to other applications?
>Good question.  I wasn't thinking that far ahead yet.  See, in windows you 
>can capture the mouse messages so that a form is getting those messages at 
>all times, whether the mouse is within the control or not.  In linux, I'm 
>not sure how to do that yet.

gdk_pointer_grab (if I've read it correctly)

>If I could then I would simply watch for the MouseUp and see if I was 
>dragging.  If so then I would get the data of the item I was dragging and 
>send a DRAGDROP signal to the target window.
>I am not that well versed with the drap and drop yet though so I will have 
>to look into this a bit further.
>In regards to Sam and FEdit, have we heard from him lately?  I'm 
>interested in whether he wants to use FEdit to do the form designer and 
>Object Inspector.

As far as I have seen only parts of it are usable. I don't know if we 
should (or can) use the design interface like borland did in D3. Like D4 ii 
is impossible since they use interfaces (and AFAIK fpc doesn't support 

>I certainly don't want to tackle those at this time.  :-)

Maybe, if I'm finished with the current work on the graphics


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