[lazarus] cvs updated

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Mar 30 15:51:48 EST 2000

Marc Weustink wrote:
> >I have moved all the gtk files into the lcl/gtk directory and all the
> >win32 files into the win32 directory.
> Daahhh, I was just thinking of when and how we should do that. I've
> still some changes pending..

This is something I said I'd do and wanted to do for months but never
could figure out when was a good time to disturb the whole works to make
the move.

I guess it's now.   :-)

> > Could someone do this then remove the gtk files out of the lcl
> > directory from
> I think they should be remeoved as soon as possible, now there are two
> instances. I'll try to look at the makefiles, otherwhise we have to
> compile lazarus without them for a while.

I would recommend all work stop until the make file is cleaned up and
everything moved. If we are getting people interested we want the code
in order and I will then need to modify the How-To's so people can get
the files correctly.

Let me know when you have modifed the make and everything is changed so
I can work on the How-To docs.

Also be sure to post it in the Developer News.

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