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Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Thu Mar 30 16:21:25 EST 2000

I did implement drag/drop via gtk and it worked fine.  I guess I wanted to experiment with keeping it all inside the LCL so each widget set didn't need to support drag and drop because we were handling it internaly.  I agree it would be easier to just add the gtk_signal_connet calls when the controls are created and go with that......

As a matter of fact look at the creation of the csedit control.   I have the drag and drop stuff commented out there, but you can see it's pretty easy.  the other code is in the gtkdragcallback file.


>>> mhess at miraclec.com 03/30/00 02:47PM >>>
Shane Miller wrote:
> > How will it tie in with D&D to other applications?
> Good question.  I wasn't thinking that far ahead yet.  See, in windows
> you can capture the mouse messages so that a form is getting those
> messages at all times, whether the mouse is within the control or not. > In linux, I'm not sure how to do that yet.

It appears that the best way is using the DND built into GTK+ and Qt.


Since it already has all of the required signals can't we just go for

> In regards to Sam and FEdit, have we heard from him lately?  I'm
> interested in whether he wants to use FEdit to do the form designer
> and Object Inspector.  I certainly don't want to tackle those at this
> time.  :-)

He unsubscribed from the list on March 6th and I can't see any record of
someone with a similar name subscribing after that.

HEY SAM!!! Are you on the list yet?

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