[lazarus] cvs updated

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Thu Mar 30 16:39:22 EST 2000

Excellent idea.  Can you or Marc figure out where to put eveything please.  I am leaving for Kentucky tomorrow to go on a golfing vacation.  I will be back on Wednesday.


>>> mhess at miraclec.com 03/30/00 03:29PM >>>
Shane Miller wrote:
> I really wanted this to get done prior to us getting more people involved.  Marc, when you fix the make files, move everything to Interfaces/gtk and win32.  I am fine with that.

Why don't we separate the .inc's and .pp's while we are at it? This will
help in some aspects when the code in the .inc's might be windows
specific. By linking against the correct .inc directory we then don't
need to use #ifdefs. You know the way that the FCL is set up.

We might as well get everything setup correctly right now.

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