[lazarus] cvs updated

dvortex dvortex at netcourrier.com
Thu Mar 30 16:41:04 EST 2000

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Shane Miller wrote:

> In regards to Sam and FEdit, have we heard from him lately?  I'm
> interested in whether he wants to use FEdit to do the form designer
> and Object Inspector.  I certainly don't want to tackle those at this
> time.  :-)

I have a question for you: We need some kind of framework to be able to do
this kind of work, right ? i was thinking maybe we need to have a
TComponent that knows how to respond to something (messages?methods?) and
describe itself (properties, methods, childrens and so forth). If we Had
such a structure, it would make it easier to build a "component
inspector"-like window. By parsing the source we can get the list of
component that where created by the IDE (build/update a XML file for
instance), rigth? and then create all the components from there (let the
"Inspector" build a list of all the components (and build them) --
=probably not too hard-- and teach it how to read/change properties --
=hard part-- )

Did anyone started some "theory" on how all this would fit together ?
(sorry for not participating a little bit more, but i'm having trouble
understanding everything in there, but since it looks more and more like
delphi, i hope i'll be able to contribute soon -:> )


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