[lazarus] Can someone help?

Chris Moody moodcon at pacbell.net
Tue May 2 19:03:08 EDT 2000

Hi all,

I started playing around with fpc, to see if I could make a Windowed app. I
tried the following code in both Windows and Linux, and both of them give me
some odd errors.

When I try to build the project, I am told that System/SysLinux doesn't
exist (although I tell the compiler exactly where to look, using the -Fu

Also, if I asked ppc386 to just look at the unit, it complained also, I'm
assuming because I didn't know exactly how a file that describes a form gets
put together.

Below is the code for the unit that describes the form, can someone tell me
the order in how it should appear in the file? And also tell me how do I get
the system to recognize System and LinuxSystem?



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