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At 11:37 PM 2/05/00 -0700, you wrote:

>There won't really be any designer form, we will just "teach" control to
>respond to "clicks" differently depending if they are being designed or
>not.. (with just a little bit of coding in TWinControl and TForm)

         it should be done at a higher level than TWinControl shouldn't it?
In the VCL it is done at TComponent level

*Delphi Help Snippit*
TComponent is the common ancestor of all VCL components

VCL components are persistent objects that have the following capabilities:

The ability to appear on Component palette and be manipulated in the form 
The ability to own and manage other components.

Do not create instances of TComponent. Use TComponent as a base class when 
declaring non-visual components that can appear on the component palette 
and be used in the form designer. Properties and methods of TComponent 
provide basic behavior that descendant classes inherit as well as behavior 
that components can override to customize their behavior.
*End Snippit*

The code should just be required in TComponent - and thereby inherently 
handled properly by any other component (TButton) or container (TForm)

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