Using Assert for Trace statements (was: [lazarus] Lazarus Pascal code)

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at
Wed May 3 08:08:26 EDT 2000

+ From: Michael A. Hess [mailto:mhess at]
+ But you have total control over how much of the code actually
+ has Trace turned on. You can just turn on one unit if that is
+ all you are testing.

About the half of my debugging with Lazarus was across several units.

+ You don't have to turn on Trace for all the units or the whole
+ application. In fact you don't even have to turn it on for the whole
+ unit. There is no reason why you can't place your own
+       .
+       .
+       .
+       .
+ at specific points in a unit until you have worked out problems.

Then we are (allmost) back at the beginning. You'll have to remove them
after debugging ;-)


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