Finally I get the code to you

Cliff Baeseman vbman at
Wed May 3 23:07:57 EDT 2000

That sounds like a reasonable way to handle it just remember that I believe
the window handle is a long integer inside the lcl so we need a int or long
int to reference the instance.

As for finishing it or adding to it, I cannot deal with it at the moment. I
have to finish the lfm read and write routines and then I can maybe help you
out some.  End of the week at the earliest.


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>I would suggest another way of managing the handle.
>Instead of using the index in the list, we could use the pointer of the
>instance of the wrapper class (TWidgetObject) which is any way the instance
>that we will need to find by is index. We then get direct access to the
>instance without the need to retrieve it from the list.  This is not a
>deal but that would prevent the mess when some object will be deleted from
>the list resulting in a shifted index. So the index will be out of sync.
>Those that make sence.
>By the way Cliff, Do you relay on my to finish this work now or you have to
>complete it somehow before I get involve?
>Vital Tremblay
>vital at
>At 21:37 00-05-01 -0700, you wrote:
>>From the standpoint of the LCL here is what really occurs.
>>When a program is started the application object gets created and and the
>>initialize routing is called on the interface object. Here is where we
>>the engine to create a engine instance. From then on the lcl will pass a
>>message to the IntSendMessage routine telling the widget engine to do
>>various things depending on what was passed. For instance the routine may
>>get a message to create a form in that case lcl_win32_create_widget gets
>>called and it internally creates a form. It will pass back a integer value
>>"we'll call it the hwnd" which is the index of the component in the list.
>>Inside of the interface object we set the LCL TComponent handle with that
>>returned value because that is what we are going to use to access the
>>instance. Now in the library you will need to do something like
>>lcl_win32_reparent_widget(hwndparent, hwndchild: integer) and that will
>>inturn set the parent of the child to the parent. Then you add something
>>like lcl_win32_set_bounds(hwndwidget: integer;x,y,top,left: integer)  so
>>internal you just grab that widget from the list and set the properties.
>>Then you need to add a event hook I think I coded the stub into it but did
>>not finish it. Something like lcl_win32_hook_mouse_move(hwndwidget:
>>fproc: pointer) You then assign a handler internal which will call this
>>method pointer. I know this sounds like a lot of stuff but it is pretty
>>simple to implement.
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