[lazarus] Object Inspector

Cliff Baeseman vbman at pcpros.net
Thu May 4 02:10:10 EDT 2000

Send me a message directly and I can send you the code. It is currently in
delphi and probably will not run clean just yet but at least you will get to
see it in action.

I will convert it tomorrow night and send you the final. If anyone else
wishes to see it in delphi let me know it is kind of cool I am setting the
properties of a few controls when you press a button by reading the
interface from a lfm file.

I left a procedure called LoadFromGlade and LoadFromDFM . I am going to do
the LoadFromDFM tomorrow night and maybe build a code generator tool that
will take a dfm file and convert it to lfm and generate the lazarus code
from it. This would come in very handy I think for building some of these
dialogs for the ide.

It is capable of loading properties at the moment I wll create the save to
lfm file tomorrow also.


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Date: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 4:42 PM
Subject: [lazarus] Object Inspector

>The "analysis" part is done.
>The "updateProperty" is finalizing.
>I still need to work on the XML stuff
>(get a look at Cliff's XML parser, and integrate it in my code)
>Once that is done, i will only need to get the "designer"
>(which means i will be messing with TComponent, or something like that :o)
>The only problem right now with my component is the "event" part. I am not
>sure how to do this, or if events will show up with the properties, but i
>guess some quick test will tell me :o)
>ok, back to it now..
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