[lazarus] Delphi incompatibility

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Thu May 4 04:45:44 EDT 2000

+ From: m_bukovjan at advisbbdo.cz [mailto:m_bukovjan at advisbbdo.cz]
+ I have the same opinion. I think Lazarus is not just for
+ Windows anymore, so I'd leave the units as they are.

For porting issus it is easier if we follow the VCL. Why especially for
buttons an own unit ? Makes no sense to me.

+ Curtis White wrote:
+ > I think in the past we decided that everything doesn't have to be
+ > the same as Delphi, but if it isn't, then we need to document it so that
+ > can make Lazarus do the conversions.

If we deviate from Delphi we sure need to document it.

+ > That is how TNotebook is. The TNotebook control in Delphi does not
+ > have tabs but the LCL one does. Also, we don't have a TTabbedNotebook
+ > any more as Delphi does.

As I understood in the past it was only a temporary solution the get things
done. IMO it doesn't mean that it has to stay this way forever.

+ > So I don't see a problem with having buttons in a different unit. It is
+ > easier to determine where buttons are that way.  The stdctrls name isn't
+ > really very helpful in determining what is in that unit. The reason
+ > named it that is because those are standard Windows controls and a lot
+ > developers prior to Delphi knew them that way.  But since Lazarus isn't
+ > built just for Windows, some of those names don't make a lot of sense.
+ > Under Linux, the name stdctrls really doesn't mean anything useful,

That also count for the other units. (can you tell what is in extctrls ? ;-)


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