[lazarus] Delphi incompatibility

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Mon May 8 10:01:08 EDT 2000

Well, what we can do is create a TNotebook and a TTabbedNotebook or a TPageControl and just inherit TNotebook so it'll all be the same class just one has ShowTabs set to false and one set to true.

That ok?

>>> kevinbe71 at yahoo.com 05/08/00 08:17AM >>>
Sure, that sounds fine, but why change it to be
different from Delphi?  That makes it harder to
port applications.  Is there a good reason for
it?  It isn't that critical obviously and if 
there is a good reason then that is fine.


--- Shane Miller <SMiller1 at stvgb.org> wrote:
> We have a property called 
> that you can set to false and the tabs aren't
> visible then.  Is that sufficient?
> Shane
> >>> kevinbe71 at yahoo.com 05/05/00 08:08AM >>>
> Just my 2c on this (below)...  I really find the
> notebook useful for things like wizards (eg.
> InstallShield) where you don't actually want tabs. 
> I
> do think it should be restored to the original
> behaviour.
> > Actually, I think it was meant to be the permanent
> > solution because
> > I originally created them as they are in Delphi. 
> I
> > had created a
> > TTabbedNotebook with tabs and the TNotebook
> without
> > tabs.  But someone removed
> > TTabbedNotebook and added tabs to TNotebook.  So
> > basically that original way
> > was removed.

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