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Michael A. Hess mhess at harding.miraclec.com
Tue May 16 10:37:21 EDT 2000


Here is some more information about Kylix. I think the following
information is most important.


About components and properties. Some components won't be in Kylix, like
the Decision Cube. Some properties will disappear and some new properties
will be introduced. Inprise/Borland doesn't promise you a simple recompile
of your current projects to run them under Linux. However, Charlie stated
that for a typical project that took 6 months to build you can expect 1
month to adjust it for Kylix. 


Read the whole thing at


The above justifies are actions to not make the LCL exactly like the VCL
since the VCL as we know it will be going away. If you read the article
you will also see that porting to Windows with Kylix will STILL require
you to use Qt even in Windows.

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