[lazarus] Some patches against access violation errors

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Tue May 23 19:31:09 EDT 2000

At 00:56 24-05-2000 +0200, Vincent Snijders wrote:
>I have been taking a look at the access violation errors when the program
>terminates. I think they are caused by the fact the the global variable
>Mouse is freeed twice, once in the Tapplication.terminate and once in the
>finalization of the controls unit.
>I suggest removing the ones in the finalization part.

Ah, good point. I changed it and committed a fix, however I removed the 
Create and free from TApplication and kept the ones in Controls.pp.
Mouse is part of the controls unit and not of the forms unit where 
Tapplication is defined. (To me it is a bit strange that an object in one 
unit is responsible for the creation/destruction of an object defined in 
another unit, what if you don't use forms ?)

>Also I removed some {$ifdefs linux} from the gtkobject unit which only
>seemed to be there because the win32-dll's didn't support them at the time,
>they do now. Pacthes are in the file patches.diff.txt.

I didnt patch them since they depend on the patch for gtkfilesel.pp and 
gtksignal.pp. And I think these changes have to bew made by the FPC team. 
So I'll wait for them.

>So included the patches for gtk packages in the file gtkpatches.diff.txt.
>Both patch files are created with cvs diff commands.
>I hope this format is readable for you. Please, look at them and apply them.

They are readable ;-)


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