[lazarus] screen shots

Alan Ferguson aferg at home.com
Wed May 24 06:16:45 EDT 2000

> + Although this viewer program doesn't make much use of the
> + Lazarus functionality yet, I would like it to.  The trick is,
> + how do I create a OpenGL "panel" inside a lazarus form?
> If OpenGL was available through api then you could have created a decendent
> of TWinControl and placed the "OpenGL window" inside it.
> Marc

Thanks for the tip.  Im not sure of the API i should use:

 GLX-- (which is the OpenGL to X interface)
 GtkGL-- (which is a wrapper around the GLX functions.)
 GtkGLArea-- which I think is a Gtk widget of some type that
      let's you paint on the GtkGLArea widget using OpenGL

In windows i guess i use:

I'm in the unhappy situation of having TOO many toys to play with in
my toy box. ;-)

Additionally im not sure about component making in Lazarus, as
i have not tried it yet. Is it really as easy as creating decedent of
TWinControl? Cool.  Im still a little fuzzy about TGtkObject stuff,
but im sure it will become clearer as i play with it more.

-Alan Ferguson

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