[lazarus] Some patches against access violation errors

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Thu May 25 04:50:42 EDT 2000

+ From: Vincent Snijders [mailto:vrs at dds.nl]

[ Mouse in Controls.pp ]

+ You are right there. This is a design issue, but I could
+ imagine that the mouse object is not a global object,
+ but a property of the application (or screen) object.

Indeed, it seems to be more logic that the mouse is a property of the screen
instead of juast a global.
Both screen and application are defined in forms. In Delphi you use forms
only for "screen" applications. If you write a service or a webserver you
use other units (and have another application defined).
For a service I can (it's difficult but I can) imagine that you want access
to the mouse.


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