[lazarus] For helping the Lazarus project .. and help me ;)

Christian F deadking72 at hotmail.com
Wed May 31 17:53:00 EDT 2000

Only for helping the Lazarus Projet i have
Check Lazarus Win32 Developer How-To ;)

Download section
FPC = ftp://ftp.freepascal.org/pub/fpc/dist/Win32/win3209912full.zip 		{The 
link not exist}

FPC = 
{The current verion}

GTK DLL's = ftp://lazarus.freepascal.org/lazarus/gtk-dlls.zip	{It`s the 
current developper version ?????}

GTK DLL's + source = http://user.sgic.fi/~tml/gimp/win32	{You can download 
Gimp,Gtk+,Source for win32 on this page}
{i thing this page are more good = 

CVS = http://download.cyclic.com/pub/cvs-1.10/windows/cvs-1.10-win.zip 
{Server Down.... www.wincvs.org ;)}

Ok for Total i download for Win32
Fpc 0.99.14a for win32
glib-dev-20000416.zip and gtk+-dev-20000416.zip 
gtk-dlls.zip (in Lazarus web page)
i can download CVS from your web page (i download this the WinCVS at 

I install Fpc win32 on this path "c:\WinFPC"
i install all GTK and GTK+ dll in "c:\WinFPC\GTK"

Ok i download this ftp://ftp.freepascal.org/pub/fpc/source/lazarus.zip
I have all what i need to make or see something

Thanks for making Lazarus ;)
Christian Fillion

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