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Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Fri Oct 6 02:01:17 EDT 2000

bobby wrote:
> Is this just a Win32 issue? I've have the same exact problem. I'm not
> understanding the solution presented though. Do you mean that a line should
> be added to my ppc386.cfg file that reads something like this:(?)
> $d:\pp/units/$win32/gtk

No you shouldn't need it. 

The gtk.ppw file is located in the c:\pp\units\win32 directory. The .cfg


would take care of pointing the compiler to the correct location.

Now if it is complaining about not finding gtkint.pp that is because it
is either looking for the .ppw file and can't find it or it needs to
rebuild the .ppw file due to file date changes with relation to some
other files. That latter means that you need to have the source
installed as well as the compiled unit.

> I even copied the gtk and related .dlls to every possibly related
> directory and I still get the error.

This error doesn't have anything to do with the gtk.dll files. What it
is complaining about is that it is trying to find the gtk unit files
which are used to talk to the gtk.dlls. They are the wrappers to the
gtk+ library.

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