[lazarus] CVS Changes

Marc Weustink marc at lazarus.dommelstein.net
Mon Oct 9 18:52:07 EDT 2000

Hi, after all I found some time to grab my keyboard and
add some changes:

  * fixed some selection code
     Original code worked in delphi but didn't with FPC. It seems that
     private member vars are public in descenant objects.

    IE: with MyObjectDerivedFromTControl do Left := FLeft
    doesnt do anything since TControl has a private FLeft so this
    example is referring to TControl.FLeft and not your FLeft

  + Added selection sample
     To show whats going on. I really don't get it. Somehow
     out TControl.Left property gets messed up. (look at the debug

    BTW, don't play to long with this sample, It triggers an
    resource bug consuming loads of resources and memory. A
    few minutes of clicking and dragging result in a swapping
    machine, where with luck you have an open console and manage
    to enter killall selection :(


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