AW: [lazarus] LFM Files

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at
Thu Oct 12 06:49:31 EDT 2000

>As Shane already said, LFM files are just DFM (Delphi Form) files. If
>you need the exact format, I can mail you a description I've used for
>myself for the Free Pascal streaming code.

I want to participate in writing the object inspector for lazarus and looked
up for documentation. The current lazarus code creates LFM files which looks
like DFM files, but the web page says:

"... we are also working on the layout and design of the LFM file which is
comparable to the Delphi DFM file. We are using XML as the file format. This
is so that other layout engines will be able to read and modify the LFM form.
For example it would be possible to use a modified version of Glade to edit an
LFM file if you like using it better than the built in tools."

Thus I was confused and wrote the mail.
I am glad to hear that LFM = DFM, since the format is simple and clear.
Please mail me your description of the format.

BTW, for what is your streaming code? Is it part of the free pascal compiler
or is it for lazarus?


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