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Chris cryst at golden.net
Fri Oct 13 23:53:53 EDT 2000

I think #3 would be good, because it will clear up misconceptions from the
start. The fewer mistakes I have to unlearn the better. Then #2 and #1 which
are basically the same thing.
Chris Bruner

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> OK.  I've been thinking about this conceptual page and I'd like everyone's
> What would help you all out the most.
> 1)  A description of each message (ex. LM_SETTEXT, LM_SETSIZE,
LM_GETLABEL, etc.) and how's it's supposed to be used to set the properties
of the controls.
> 2)  An outline of the methods and functions that we believe are needed for
the IDE, OBject Inspector, Forms Editor, etc.
> 3) An even broader explanation of the entire LCL.  How it works with GTK,
QT, WIN32 and an over view of things like the Interfaces.pp file,
CM_SendMessage function,  the interfaces directory wqhich includes files
specific to widget tool sets, etc.
> 4) Other ideas.
> I would like to find a point where you guys see the most need and the most
> Thanks
> Shane
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