[lazarus] Kylix and Lazarus

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Wed Aug 1 04:35:28 EDT 2001

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  Subject: [lazarus] Kylix and 
  question:will the Lazarus Units be 
  ever linked to Win32 API too? 
In the code from CVS, there's already a Win32 binding. However, there are two 
problems; one is that it's old and doesn't compile, the other is that there's no 
make file in the folder (so you'll get some error like cannot make target 
However, last month I did some work on the Win32 binding. You can get the 
patch here. To 
compile, type make win32. It compiled fine last month 
(but may not anymore); but when ran, I got reports of access violations in 
TWin32Object.Create and TWin32Object.Destroy.
I have since made some positive changes to the code locally, but it still 
doesn't run flawlessly.
maybe after looking hours at the source codes i can 
  help to develop :-) 
Maybe. If you want, I can send you the latest sources I have locally and you 
can start helping with it.

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