[lazarus] CVS Changes

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Tue Aug 14 18:07:25 EDT 2001

At 18:01 14-08-01 -0400, Michael wrote:
>Marc Weustink wrote:
> >
> > It is not creating the makefiles, it is creating the package info.
> > (other cmdline switch)
>It never did this before why is it doing it now?

New version of fpcmake generates a new version of Makefiles, which generate 
package info.

>Why does it need to run
>fpcmake at all? I thought if the makefile is already built you shouldn't
>need fpcmake.

fpcmake is now also used the generate packaging info if the package you are 
zipping. Is *doesn't* generate a makefile, it generates a Package.fpc

> > Try to set FPCDIR to the fpc sources when running make zipinstall.
> > Does it make a difference ?
>I don't have the FPC sources online at this point in time. I haven't for
>the last few months. I am using the binary installation.

OK, I'll look what will be faster, stripping the pachagi info from the 
makefiles or building a new compiler which has (if I understood it well) 
separate Package.fpc files so you don't need the sources.

>Now I assume that the error is due to the fact that I have an old
>version of fpcmake on my machine but I should even need it should I?

Nope, you have a new one, it tries to read rtl dependencies.

In another message Michael wrote:

>Marc Weustink wrote:
> >
> > HUH, this happens when you do a make in the lazarus dir ?
> >
> > What compiler are you using ? The bin 1.0.5 of august ?
>No but this is the Win32 version that I am talking about. I haven't
>built a new release of that.

Eehhh.... maybe I was a bit to optimistic here :-)

>However in both of the errors that I have mentioned for Win32 and Linux
>everything built fine on Monday morning but this morning it failed on
>both platforms with the afore mentioned errors.

That makes sence, since I changed makefiles yesterday eve (= your yesterday 


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