[lazarus] CVS Changes

Keith Bowes keith_bowes at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 16 05:30:02 EDT 2001

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Subject: Re: [lazarus] CVS Changes

> It is not possible to detect the platform of make.exe so you need to
specify it
> by hand if you want to use the environment for passing the options.
> So you'll get:
> make USEENV=1 OPT=-Ca
> Or take the makew32.zip from the win32-1.0.6/separate/ dir from the fpc
ftp and use the
> native win32 tools.

I experienced somewhat of a problem when I tried to use the new make from
the FTP.  All compiled fine but when I ran lazarus, I got the following
An unhandled exception occurred at 0x0049C89A :
Abstract method called
  0x0049C89A  TAPPLICATION__INITIALIZE,  line 132 of
  0x00401036  main,  line 83 of lazarus.pp

forms.pp - finalization section

When I use the make from the FPC 1.0.4 release with the variable USEENV=1,
it compiles fine and runs normally.


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