[lazarus] Command line in Win32 [was: CVS Changes]

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Aug 16 09:20:13 EDT 2001

Peter Vreman wrote:
> Becuase we've now also native win32 tools the using environment for
> passing options is not required anymore. But it is not possible to
> detect if you are using the go32v2 make.exe or the win32 make.exe. So
> you need to specify the USEENV=1 option manually when you are 'cross'
> compiling.

So you are saying that the previous 1.0.4 Win32 release didn't have a
make specifically for win32 but it was some sort of generic make?

I guess what has me confused is why would it build binaries for months
using the current setup. Then on Tuesday after some modifications to the
makefile that were made on Monday nothing works. I didn't change the
compiler, make, nothing except those file changes made to the Lazarus
code and it's makefile and now you say that the make.exe is what is
wrong. Just has me confused. So you see my question is what happened to
the makefile on Monday that suddenly required me to use USEENV=1 when I
never had to in the past?

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