[lazarus] Missing Lazarus tag in subject line

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed Aug 22 13:40:56 EDT 2001

The missing [lazarus] tag in the subject was just a fluke of the way
those couple of emails were written.

The emails entitled

    Re: Missing files ...

didn't have it because the original email started between Marc and
myself and was later included onto the list. The current procmail filter
on the list only adds the [lazarus] tag if it doesn't see that the email
already has a 'Re:' added. That is why that thread was missing the tag.

Now the email you sent has the tag missing again due to a fluke. It will
also not add the tag if it sees that the subject already has a [lazarus]
tag in it. Your subject was asking about the tag by including an example
of the tag. So again the procmail filter ignored it.

Maybe you should set up a filter on your email client like mine. Since
all the emails from the list come from lazarus at miraclec.com you can use
a filter that checks


and if it contains the word lazarus move it accordingly.

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