missing files (Solved ?)(more solved)

Tino Rusit trx-news at gmx.de
Thu Aug 23 06:40:38 EDT 2001

hey you guys

why is the [lazarus] missing in subject ???

my filter send mail to wrong mailadress !

> The fpcmake found in the RPM is NOT the same as the version found in
> your tar.gz files. The one in the RPM doesn't know what -T is but
> one in the tar.gz file does. I tried to use that one and I have
> much further.   :-)

> The only hickup I had was that it errored trying to work with the
> lazarus/dist directory. I didn't have any such directory so it blew
> Once I created that directory then everything finally worked.

> Yah. :-)

> Now to figure out the Win32 problems.   :-\

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