[lazarus] FYI: Lazarus with the Win32-API interface won't compile

Keith Bowes keith_bowes at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 9 23:04:24 EST 2001

To those that may care:

Earlier today, I updated my Lazarus source (for the first time in over a
month) and noticed that it wouldn't compile with a Win32-API interface.  I
see this as a good thing because it shows the project is progressing (the
Win32-API interface falling behind has been a risk since the beginning) but
I want to assure anybody that tried to compile it that this isn't their

I am going to be spending some time updating this interface.  You can
probably expect a new update with new features and bug fixes and that
compiles again to be available within the next few weeks, but I'm not making
any promises.  There probably won't be another binary release until FPC
1.0.6 is released.


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