[lazarus] IDE

Jarto Tarpio jarto at starsoft.fi
Tue Dec 11 05:58:45 EST 2001

I've been playing around with the IDE a bit. Here are some thoughts.

1. It's a bit confusing that there are save-menus in both File- and 
Project-menus + two save buttons. Delphi only has save, save as 
and save project as + save and save all -buttons. Is there a reason 
why we need more than those?

2. Save all on a new project asks to save the unit twice.

3. I didn't manage to set any events in the Object Inspector. Not 
even after I manually wrote a Button1Click-procedure. I guess it 
doesn't support events yet?

4. I love using the shift-ctrl-arrowup- shortcut in Delphi to move 
between the procedure declaration and actual code. I noticed that 
class completion isn't done yet either. (Or then it's some other 
combination than shift-ctrl-c)

All said and done, I'd prefer working on these as they would make 
the IDE really useful. I could also write a "Find declaration" as I use 
that in Delphi a lot.


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