[lazarus] CVS COmmited

Shane Miller shane001 at ameritech.net
Sat Jan 6 02:16:30 EST 2001

More changes made.

I have moved the code out of main.pp that was creating the controls and
moving the controls and moved it to the designer.  I also started
implementing ISDesignMsg which is a key part of moving and selecting the

Because of these changes, I can't currently move the controls.  I have to
review the code agian in designer.pp but I must have messed something up
when I moved it over.

I think it's better placed in the designer.  Now main.pp really does nothing
but create the IDE.  It knows there is a designer but never calls it.

I will fix the code ASAp so it's back to the same functionality we had.

I'm tired now.  I need sleep...


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