[lazarus] compiler bug and streaming

Luis R. Hilario luis at luis-digital.8m.com
Mon Jan 8 10:13:24 EST 2001

Mattias Gaertner wrote:
> Hi again,
> Of course I can't fix the bug in the fpc, because I'm not part of the
> fpc-team. I have committed the bug, so hopefully they will fix it. My 'fix' is
> merely a workaround to get lazarus working.
> Philippe asks for more details:
> -change dir into lazarus dir
> -remove the borderstyle line in the tmessagedlg.lfm
> -compile the lazres program if not already done:
>   ppc386 -Fulcl/units lazres.pp
> -use the lazres program:
>    ./lazres dlgmessage.lrs tmessagedlg.lfm
> -recompile the lazarus IDE. (make ide)
> -start lazarus

Yes it works very well.
Then the best thing is to wait for a new version, to use the development
version or to use the previous version of the compiler?

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