[lazarus] about activex

Robert Scott Horning roberth at ise-tlx.com
Mon Jan 8 15:37:45 EST 2001

Shane Miller wrote:

> Currently we don't support ActiveX controls and I don't see that we will for quite sometime (if ever).
> Shane
> >>> a.halbotschoonaert at free.fr 01/08/01 02:54AM >>>
> Hello, i have a little question :
> If i use Delphi for creating activex, will i be able to port them to lazarus ?
> and is there an equivalent on linux plate-form ?
> So, could i port them to linux ?
> Thank you in advance.
> Alexis.

Well before you can get into ActiveX, you need to get a good COM architecture going.  BTW, if there is an
area where Lazarus could excel or even exceed the capabilities of Delphi, this is indeed one of them.

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