[lazarus] lcl recompile hacks in makefiles

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Mon Jan 8 17:41:08 EST 2001

At 21:46 08-01-01 +0100, Peter wrote:

>FYI: All the LCL recompile hacks can be removed when you include the line

OK I'll add that. What does it do, it's not in the ppc386 -?

>in the LCL Makefile.fpc
>Also a 'make clean' tries to clean the designer dir that has no Makefile

I already fixed that, but didn't commit till I was sure why it was there.

>And a last tip. Why is the 'allunits' a program? Having it also as a unit 
>will remove a the linking of the allunits program. The only thing you then 
>have to take care is that allunits.ppu / allunits.o aren't installed when 
>creating a make install target

Hmmm.... didn't think of that. (itst thrown away afterwards anyhow)

The reason for allunits is to let the compiler decide in which order to 
compile the units and not make

Thanks, Marc

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