[lazarus] CVS Committed

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Tue Jan 9 17:00:23 EST 2001

OK, I committed another update. 

I have moved all the "control  moving" code to TDesigner.  It's not functioning very good because of the X and Y coord's I'm getting.  Plus I screwed up the code and I have to look at it better.  Whoever wrote it initially (MAttias I believe) could probably look at

TDesigner.MOuseMOveOnControl,  MouseDownOnControl and MouseUpOnControl 

and fix it faster than I could.

I also am starting to add the editor key's to TDesigner.  For example, if you drop a TButton onto the form, select it and press the DEL button it should delete the control.  The problem is that some controls (like TMemo) don't send out WM_KEYDOWN messages yet so I can't grab them.


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