[lazarus] CVS Committed

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Jan 10 08:34:06 EST 2001

If you look at TControl.wndproc, it determines if csDesigning is in COmponentState.  If so, it call's the controls owner's (a form) designer and passes the message on to it.  If I return TRUE then it doesn't do anymore to it.

In this manner I can grab all events and control whether TControl does anything with them.  This is where I can call MMouseMoveOnControl and MouseUpOnControl, etc.  In Main.PP we would have had to actually map the events OnMouseUp and OnMouseMove and OnMouseDOwn which isn't a good way of doing it because we don't want to assign events to the control and then stream them that way.  When you stream them you would have those events assigned in the LFM file.

This way we aren't assigning event but are tapping into the WNDPROC and getting the events right from there.


>>> Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl 01/10/01 03:53AM >>>
+ From: Shane Miller [mailto:SMiller1 at stvgb.org] 
+ OK, I committed another update. 
+ I have moved all the "control  moving" code to TDesigner.  
+ It's not functioning very good because of the X and Y coord's 
+ I'm getting.  Plus I screwed up the code and I have to look 
+ at it better.  Whoever wrote it initially (MAttias I believe) 
+ could probably look at

Why the move ?


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