[lazarus] Recompiles still seem to be needed

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Jan 10 10:54:32 EST 2001

See, I had to setup my ppc386.cfg file and do a 

ppc386 -B lazarus.pp

to get it to run without Access Violations.


>>> mhess at miraclec.com 01/10/01 09:24AM >>>
Marc did you make that change in the Makefile that Peter suggested with
regards to recompiles?

I ask because I did a 'make clean' this morning and then tried to do a
make and it keeping dropping out with unit not found errors. I had to
run make 4 times before it finally did a complete build. Should this
still be happening or is it me?

The IDE wouldn't then run of course due to Access Violations but that is
another matter.

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