[lazarus] Existing Issues:

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Thu Jan 11 09:52:57 EST 2001

Marc : Working on the Mouse Capture and X/Y coord reporting.

Mattias: Working on streaming more controls (TNotebook and TBitmap/TPixmap) and moving the controls in the editor (TDesigner code).

Shane:  Finish TImageList.  Work on features for the Form Editor and Code Editor.

Other things we need fixed:  

TPopupMenu.  When you construct a TPopupMenu and add items to the menu, everything works fine when you display it.  If you add another item to the menu and you've already displayed it once, the new item(s) don't appear.  The TPopupmenu needs additional code to either totally re-build itself when it changes or to notify the interface controls (GTK in this case) that it should add a menu item.

TMemo:  This control is not reporting LM_KEYDOWN, LM_KEYUP, etc events.  No key events are being reported.

TEdit:  Events to this control seems to bleed to the form.  For example, run Lazarus and create a new form and drop a TEdit on the form.  Make sure your console window is visible so you can see the debug WRITELN's.  Click on the TEDIT.  You wil see a line saying TDesigner.MouseDownOnControl.  This states that this function was called.  The problem is it's called TWICE.  Once by the TEdit and once by the TForm.  The same occurs for MouseUpOnControl.

Those are the major ones right now that I need fixed by SOMEONE who is not busy on other things...

Please let me know.

>>> SMiller1 at stvgb.org 01/11/01 08:25AM >>>
Marc, did you commit CVS?  I updated and am getting an error because mCaptureHandle is used in gtkcallback but it's not defined anywhere. 

Did you forget to commit something?


>>> Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl 01/10/01 10:31AM >>>
You don't need that.

Yesterday I was debugging/modifying some gtkInc files and every modification
I made directly compiled with make lcl, a result I never have seen before.

I used a 1.0.5 compiler whith the latest changes, I changed and committed
the new makefiles.

Compiling Lazarus with ppc directly gives al kinds of unreproducable
problems (on different machines).

+ From: Shane Miller [mailto:SMiller1 at stvgb.org] 
+ See, I had to setup my ppc386.cfg file and do a
+ ppc386 -B lazarus.pp
+ to get it to run without Access Violations.
+ Shane
+ >>> mhess at miraclec.com 01/10/01 09:24AM >>>
+ Marc did you make that change in the Makefile that Peter
+ suggested with regards to recompiles?


+ I ask because I did a 'make clean' this morning and then tried to do a
+ make and it keeping dropping out with unit not found errors. I had to
+ run make 4 times before it finally did a complete build. Should this
+ still be happening or is it me?

First (if you've used ppc directly) remove all .o and .ppu files you find in
the lazarus dir. The makefiles place the units in separate dirs, use them
from those dirs and will only clean those dirs.

If that doesn't work, please let me know which units couldn't be found.

+ The IDE wouldn't then run of course due to Access Violations
+ but that is another matter.

I didn't apply the lastes changes from shane yesterday, but before that
everything runs like...


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