[lazarus] CVS Committed 01/12/2001

Shane Miller shane001 at ameritech.net
Sat Jan 13 02:04:16 EST 2001


TShiftState is calculated correctly now so on Key messages you can check if
ssCtrl or ssShift are in the TShiftstate sent to the procedure.

Ctrl-Shift-Up and Down work in the editor IF your cursor is on the method
name.  If you are on the method name in the declaration, the cursor moves to
the procedure in the implementation section.  If you are in the
implementation on a method and you press Shift-Ctrl-Up you'll go to the
declaration of the method.

OpenFileAtCursor works better now.  What you need to do is go into the
Compiler Optinos and fill in the Other Units edit box.  You fill in search
paths seperated by semi-colons.  For example:

PROBLEM:  When you select PROJECT - BUILD after doing this, the command line
appears to get truncated after a certain length that the search directories
cause it to surpass.  This prevents Lazarus from compiling correctly.

Another problem:  I moved the {$I viewunits1.lrs} and viewforms1 and
dlgmessage.lrs includes to their units so they aren't in main.pp.  This
worked fine except for dlgmessage.pp.  When I did this, it would crash
whenever the resource "default" was loaded for an image on the toolbar.  I
have no idea how these two things are related.  I played with it, but
haven't figured it out.

That's all for now.

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