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Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sun Jan 14 10:29:16 EST 2001

Hi all,

I think, the TImageList is a very important class used in many nice
freeware components, and thus should be compatible to Delphi.
AFAIK the corrupted images was/is not really Borlands fault. Some graphic
device drivers had got problems with Bitmaps width greater than a few
But I also want a TImageList which can store images with different sizes. I
see two possibilites:
  -A flag in TImageList.
  -A new component. Perhaps named TImageCollection.


> >One reason I would personally prefer an implementation like this is to
> >adding images of different sizes simultaneously.  By throwing all of
> >images onto a common bitmap (how Delphi does this), you have all kinds
> >problems trying to resize the base bitmap or cropping when images don't
> >exactly fit the dimensions you have chosen for the image list.

> This way you loose compatibility with delphi. Now you have made your own

> imagelist (in fact a TList with images) The more I think about it the
> advantages I see in the new solution. When I implemented the original 
> implementation I also tought about storing separate images, but if you
> to be compatible you have to implement all methods and props and
> of the standard imagelist. In that light I didn't see  an advantage of 
> storing  images separate. (The amount of code will be the same ifnot
> >One other problem that I have in general with the Delphi implementation
> >that on some occasions the bitmap gets corrupted, requiring me to have
> >load in all of the bitmaps all over again one at a time... and
> >what their item indexes were so I don't mess up any controls relying on

> >the image list, but that is beyond the scope of this thread.
> I never had that problem (not in a normal situation, where your app
> normally)
> Marc
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