[lazarus] Newbie - Compilation problem

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Sun Jan 14 18:11:27 EST 2001

At 04:52 15-01-01 -0800, Torben von Deyen wrote:

>I did't have the gdk installed, so I downloaded and installed 
>gtk+-devel-1.2.6-1.i386.rpm from Red Hat. And the compilation came further:
>But it then came with:
>/usr/bin/ld: cannot open -lX11: No such file or directory
>I made the symlink libX11.so to the libX11.so.x.y (as written in your 
>discussion group).
>The compilation continued, but now this:
>/usr/bin/ld: cannot open -lglib: No such file or directory
>The answer might then be "you must install the glibc packages" ?? But I 
>got the libc packages installed isn't it the same? or..


you're right it isn't the same. I've installed them both

from  rpm -qi libc

Description :
Older Linux systems (including all Red Hat Linux releases between 2.0
and 4.2, inclusive) were based on libc version 5. The libc package
includes the libc5 libraries and other libraries based on libc5.  With
these libraries installed, old applications which need them will be able
to run on your glibc (libc version 6) based system.

The libc package should be installed so that you can run older applications
which need libc version 5.


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