[lazarus] fpc 1.0.5 version for Win32

Pellegrin,Emmanuel EPEL at ticket-restaurant.com
Mon Jan 15 03:32:57 EST 2001

Is There Some version for Win32 of FPC 1.0.5 ?
Unfortunatelly I can't access through cvs to the good version  
can u package a compiled an source version In Zip format  ??
or perhaps is there a possibility to use the Latest Version  of FPC  (1.1.1
) ?
An Antother Question  : 
Is There a Possibility To Access through a Proxy   to CVS Server  ?
Someone has allready  used "wincvs" With A Proxy  ?

 If I Can't Use Cvs ,  How I Can Help U To develop ?

Thank's a Lot.


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