[lazarus] CVS Committed 01/15/2001

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Mon Jan 15 16:53:34 EST 2001


Changes made: 

removed tmessagedlg.lfm  tviewunits.lfm  tviewforms.lfm
added  dlgmessage.lfm  viewunit_dlg.lfm  viewform_dlg.lfm

I set lazarus up so when you select FILE OPEN and select a unit that has an LFM file of the same name (like ViewUnit_dlg.pp or dlgMessage.pp) then it will load the lfm file and create a form.  It currently doesn't seem to set every control to DESIGNING correctly, but I will have to look at that.
It also doesn't save the LFM file (yet) when you save the unit.  I think there's still issues with the way I load them but it's close.  Now if the LFM file exists, it will display the form associated with that unit.

NOTE:  I still have compilation problems at erratic moments.  Sometimes I get an unhandled exception and I compile again and it works.  Soemtimes I have to look for all the .o and .ppu files and delete them.  Sometimes I need to do a touch lcl/controls.pp or something and then do a make.

It's odd.


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