[lazarus] The report on FPC-1.0.5 for Lazarus

Luis R. Hilario luis at luis-digital.8m.com
Wed Jan 17 14:17:00 EST 2001

"Michael A. Hess" wrote:
> "Luis R. Hilario" wrote:
> >
> > I committed an error. The version numbers are inverted. :-)
> > FPC IDE (1.0.4) and the units (1.0.5).
> Ahhh. That's the catch. I guess you are using the FP.EXE. I can't
> rebuild that since I don't have the source to do so. Since we are using
> "make" for everything we do with Lazarus, the IDE never came into it.
> Besides I would use fpe fpIDE first since they are GUI apps and don't
> have the compiler embedded.

Late, but here go.
I obtained a new copy and fresh of the CVS and now Lazarus works well.
It compiles and it works well.

I do not use the IDE to compile to Lazarus.
I also use "make" (or lazarus.bat ;), but when installing this new
version the FPC IDE does not work.

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