[lazarus] Are web site translations needed?

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Mon Jan 22 09:38:39 EST 2001

How Can I send To you A French Translated Page Of your Site ???

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Date: lundi 22 janvier 2001 14:31
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Florian Klaempfl wrote:
> At 00:49 22.01.01 -0500, you wrote:
> >Greetings,
> >
> >I was wondering if the translations of the Lazarus web site are useful
> >and if they are needed. The reason I ask is simple. I just received some
> >updated translations in French. After installing them I wanted to check
> >and make sure I had them correct. Lo and behold what did I find. I find
> >that none of the translations were working. Not only were they not
> >working but they had not been working for almost 3 months. That is about
> >how long ago it was that I had made the code changes that broke it. In
> >that whole time no one complained.
> >
> >So I ask, is this something I should be spending my time on or is it
> >just a waste of my time????
> A long time ago, I was also thinking about providing a translated
> version of the FPC web site but I don't think that this is necessary.
> A serious programmer has to known enough English to read at least
> the English of a web site.

I am not a serious programmer nor likes I the English, but I can read a
Web site. Of as much writing "Text", "And", "Or", etc. already I know
that it means. Normally I read the version in English because is more
complete and does not have translation errors, but the translations are
important because by means of them it is arrived at all public.

Also when a project is very important, like this one, they appear sites
that make the work by you.
I think that the projects must have links towards sites of the same
type, but with another content, language, etc.

> I think a translated lazarus is more important especially the menus
> this leads to other shortcuts. Example: In German programs the
> file is "Datei" thus you can activate the file menu with "Alt-D" instead
> "Alt-F" . I don't know how often I used already the wrong
> shortcut. And the stupid thing is that "Alt-F" activates the
> window menu because window is "Fenster" in German ...

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