[lazarus] Are web site translations needed?

Robert Scott Horning roberth at ise-tlx.com
Mon Jan 22 16:17:31 EST 2001

"Michael A. Hess" wrote:

> Pavlovic Ivan wrote:
> >
> > Is Serbian translation needed? If so, then please send me the material
> > and I'll try to translate it ASAP... cu l8r
> Sure, bring it on. The more the merrier.
> Go to the main page of the web site ("Welcome") and then scroll to the
> bottom of the page for the information.
> Michael A. Hess      Miracle Concepts, Inc.

I'd like to point out that that even if the documentation isn't 100%
up-to-date, (such as being a year or so old), it is still better than
nothing.  So go ahead and translate the stuff now, and if you have time to
keep the documentation current, please do so, but don't feel that you are
pressured to keep it up.  Do something now and in the future somebody else
will probably be able to help out... thanking you for the work you have
already started.

BTW, although English is probably the most common language on the internet,
don't feel that you can't write original documentation in another language.
You may find out that it could be translated to english fairly quickly as
well.  And don't assume that Americans don't understand other languages, but
I would say that I would feel more at ease to translate something into
English than to translate from English to another language.

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