[lazarus] CVS Changes

Curtis White cwhite at aracnet.com
Mon Jan 29 02:05:38 EST 2001

- Created the TProject class.
- Created a TProjectUnitInfo class to store project information specific
to each
- Moved Project Options and Compiler Options menus to the Project menu.
- Added Project property to the TMainIDE class to allow other units to
access the
Project information. Maybe this variable should be moved to the Globals
unit. I
still need to think more about that.

Note, the TProject class is not all connected to the IDE yet. But it
does all
compile OK now. Also, since the compiler options were moved to the
project file, it
no longer works until the project options are being saved and restored.

TODO still:
- All TODO's commented in the Project.pp file.
- Create a new .lpr file from a template (select template from dialog as
in Delphi)
and a new project when New Project menu item is selected.
- Add ability to add units to the main project file (.lpr). This needs a
- Add ability to remove units from the main project file. This needs a
- Add functionality for Open Project menu item.
- Add functionality for Project Save and Project Save As menu items.
- Create Project Options dialog.


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