[lazarus] CVS Changes

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Jan 29 02:44:43 EST 2001

> - All TODO's commented in the Project.pp file.
> - Create a new .lpr file from a template (select template from dialog as
> in Delphi)
> and a new project when New Project menu item is selected.
> - Add ability to add units to the main project file (.lpr). This needs a
> parser.
> - Add ability to remove units from the main project file. This needs a
> parser.
> - Add functionality for Open Project menu item.
> - Add functionality for Project Save and Project Save As menu items.
> - Create Project Options dialog.

Can you take a look at the integration with the new fpcmake available in the
fpc/utils/fpcm/ directory in CVS. 

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