[lazarus] CVS Changes

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Jan 29 11:30:50 EST 2001

> 1)  I assume there will be a TProjectUnitInfo class for each unit, including the project
file.  If so, should the TProjectUnitInfo class hold a reference to a TStringList for the
source or not?  See, if the AddUnit function is going to change the Project file then you
will need to hold the source somewhere.  You can't be sure that it's ever been saved so
the filename property could be blank.  This would mena that you would need to either have
a reference to a stream or a TStringlist that holds the source.
> 2)  If we have the projectUnitInfo class hold the source, is it going to do the actual
loading of the source or should the OpenProjectClicked load the details of the project,
then run through all the units in and add them to the editor if they are visible.
>   I would guess that MainIDE would call the Project class to load the project.  Then it
would run through the UnitList and see how many should be displayed in the editor.  While
doing that it could fill in a variable in the Project class that holds each source file. 
If the file's loaded into an editor, then the project's TSitrngList would point to the
editor's.  That way when the editor's changes the one in TProjectUnitInfo would too.

Can you also take a look at the fpcmake code to integrate that in the TProject and vice
versa. I want also to add source file info and dependency info to the Makefile.fpc.

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